Monday, 20 September 2010

Paleo suit

I did not expect this to happen. I have never had probems buying suits before, except that I always thought that I would need a smaller size . This has changed now when I was told that the store is not selling suits with trousers and jackets differing by two or more sizes! When I was trying on the suits, when the trousers were just right, the jacket was too small and when the jacket fit, the trousers were 8 inches too big. They allowed one size differences, but would not let me pick from suits two sizes apart.

Now, not only my BMI is wrong, but also by body proportions are abnormal. And what I save on the dentist, I will have to spend on bespoke tailors.


  1. Try going to Brooks Brothers - they do not charge extra to alter suits. They have a full line, cost wise.

    Let them size you up - they are the pros - but my guess is that you need to go by your jacket size and do the major alterations on the pants. The jacket is far more complex than the pants.

  2. Hey, where has this blog gone?

  3. Love it. I always had the exact opposite problem.. at least until Paleo! size 0 jacket (US size) and size 8 - 10 pants, so i always had to pay lots of extra money to match from 2 different suits, or go with skirt suits which I absolutely hated. Now - í'm size 2 on both, which is absolutely amazing. I love your blog by the way, please keep writing often! (or come guest post on mine!)-Iva

  4. Please don't worry, just try to think positive: you give work to a taylor. The circle of life! :)