Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Michel Montignac est mort

I am not an expert on the Montignac diet, but his death prompted some of my friends to comment on my eating habits. This made me have a look at what this diet was all about.

It appears, it was (it is) a high protein, low fat and moderate carb regime. If people on this diet want to avoid being hungry without putting on weight, they are bound to overdo protein. And what kind of protein would that be? Mostly highly processed animal protein loaded with salt, nitrates, benzopyrens and other carcinogens and oxidized fats (even lean meat contains fat and aged cheese is just loaded with oxidized lipids). Montignac advocated against mixing carbs and fats, but did not see any problems with mixing carbs and proteins, hence Maillard reaction was likely quintessential, as it is in tasty French cousine in general.

And much grain fed meat plus olive oil means loads of proinflammatory omega-6.

On a video from March this year, the guy does not look healthy to me. His skin looks too aged for 66. AGE?

And the high protein itself, with mTOR. If the guy did not do any fasting, or at least skipped some meals "warrior style" (he actually recommended 3 meals a day), then perhaps his mTOR was the driver?

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  1. My husband suffers from a number of symptoms (gray pallor, headaches, anxiety, fatigue, etc) that began after losing 15 kilos on the Montignac diet. The symptoms abate after he has been off of it for awhile, then reappear when he gets strict again. At the onset, US doctors ran his blood work. He had pre-diabetic insulin readings (which is why the diet works for him). He also showed two other abnormalities, a spiking rheumatoid factor (with no joint aches) and an abnormally low alkaline phosphotase reading. We moved to Sweden before we had time for any follow up. To get a doctor's ear here, he is going to cut off his arm first. We really will only have one shot at getting someone's attention, and my husband will not blame the diet. The diet is his good, true friend. I understand. I do. It gave him a 28 year old waistline again. In the meantime, Oliver Stone here suspects that the low AP means that his body may be starved of something that is otherwise compensated for when his carbs are up. Can you recommend any search terms with which I can play internet scientist? Otherwise, I am left blaming Lyme disease (I know, I know) or a nagging wife for his condition. I would rather pick on the dead French guy...