Monday, 16 August 2010

No turning back

It's been 9 months since I went Paleo and it seems to have been the right choice. I am symptom-free and full of energy. The only worry was cholesterol, which now looks as follows:

TC 252mg/dL
HDL 67mg/dL
LDL 172mg/dL (Friedwald, the Iranian formula would give 149mg/dL)
TG 68mg/dL

In addition, inflammation is close to zero:
CRP 3.73mg/L

And the only marker which may need attention is slightly elevated urea: 48.66mg/dL (uric acid close to upper limit: 6.4mg/dL, but higher level might be good for the brain :)

Did I cut down on saturated fat? No. In fact, I have been eating more animal fat and less olive oil and nuts. It seems that plant oils may be better for women. Men need testosterone and not plant sterols and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors which lower the level of dihydrotestosterone. Indeed, it is the latter which is responsible for masculinisation, while testosterone only helps the muscles grow. I have not seen the studies showing that olive oil or hazelnuts lower DHT, but have a gut feeling that it does in me. Plant oils should be ok in moderation, but if we are talking 200-250g of fat a day, you have to make a choice. Besides, even olive oil is loaded with omega-6.

And indeed, I have decided to eat less protein and more fat for a while. Grass-fed meat is almost impossible to get in the UK (may be grass-fed but grain finished), but lamb is probably the closest. There is a lot of organic meat, but mostly lean cuts. Besides, organic means fed organic grains. Good that the season for deer is starting.

I have experimented a bit more with cream (and ice cream), and I really like that stuff, but they do lead to muscus production and there is no way to get unpasteurised milk products here, so this will have to go. Besides, heat processed milk products mean oxidised cholesterol and lipids as well as AGE.

One more obervation: no tooth decay. Previously I had 1-3 fillings a year, now zero and no trace of tooth decay. BTW, I had stopped using toothpaste as well and have only been using thoothbrush and floss.

On the other hand, there was more calculus, so the dentist still made the money. Based on what I have read, more ammonia from dietary protein leads to more basic saliva which protects against dental caries, but facilitates mineral deposits. This has been reported by many Atkins followers. I suppose, cutting back on protein a bit should help me acheive the right balance between decay and calculus. Otherwise I will need to start chewing on raw bones to control calculus :)

Regarding weight, it is up by 2kg from 6 mothns ago, but the waist circumference is still the same. More muscle with moderate exercise 20min 4-5 days a week.

But I am still not 100% sure that I am doing everything right. I had been wrong with vegetarianism for so many years and I also thought I had read all the evidence (the China Study, he, he). But then again, at that time I could not read evidence critically, which now I can do. This is what I do for a living after all.


  1. Great post, Doc; looks like everything is progressing as it should. As far as cholesterol, I also had the same knee-jerk reaction:

    If you check the comments, I had Dr. BG from Animal Pharm chime far as I'm concerned, cholesterol ISN'T a concern.

  2. I think Richard at Free the Animal said that for him a K2 supplement helped a lot with teeth calculus.

  3. Glad to see you blogging again. You're one of my favorite experimental animals on the net. Keep going, it's all very fascinating.

  4. I have read your trials and tribulations in your blog; nice that you have turned the corner. Yes, please continue.......

  5. Interesting blog Dr.You have mentioned you exercise 20 mins 4-5 days a week.May I ask what exercise you do?Have you read the book 'Body by Science' by Dr Doug Mcguff? You could check his site also.


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