Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Nothing new, really

I have been silent for a while and here is why. The neo -> paleo transformation has given me so much energy and new motivation that I came up with innovative ideas and embarked on new projects, which has been keeping be busy and positively stressed.

Also, I applied the 80/20 rule. I could keep searchng and discussing nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress and other health issues to get more insights and more benefits, but I think the 20% extra benefit would not warrant to 80% time effort. I might still be getting the olive oil, nuts or chin-ups wrong, but I have never felt better in my life, so might as well enjoy life, rather than search for the holy grail.

In sumary, I have lost 24kg and 8in of waistline bringing fat percentage down to about 12%. I am probably 3kg away from being ripped and the muscles have been growing with little effort. I simply can't believe it.

Regarding cholesterol, I have not retested it yet. According to decision analysis retesting would only be justified if the result would influence my choices. In this case - it would not. Even if LDL has not come down, I would still be eating what I have been eating for another three months to allow plenty of time for my metabolism to adjust to more sat fat in diet.

Here is what I have been eating in a nutshell (and that includes nuts :)

1. Every day: about 300-400g of raw green leafy vegetables: lettuce, spring cabbage, broccoli, leeks. Often with added peppers and avaocado and/or EVOO. No salt, sometimes chilli. I make my own EVOO mayonaise and use that sometines to make it less monotonous.

2. Every day: about 500g of organic free-range meat, wild fish or seafood. TYpically it would be deer meet (once a week), chicken (once a week), chicken livers (once a week, not every week), wild salmon (once a week), prawns/shrimp (once a week), other oily fish - sardines, sprats, mackerel or herring (once a week), lamb or beef or pork (once a week). Sometimes lamb's or deer kidneys or deer heart.

3. Every day with fish/meat: cooked/steamed/baked vegatables: leeks, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms.

4. About once a week: 3-4 eggs.

5. About twice a week: hazelnut butter (home made) or macadamia nuts about 200g.

6. About twice a week: 90% dark chocolate about 50-70g.

I do not eat fruit, though will eat then in season. Meat is mostly boiled (chcken) or braised in low temeperatures, fish in even lower temperatures. It has to be fresh, though wild salmon is frozen.

Exercise: about 15-20 min a day of pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, press-ups, planks, sprints or bench press.

I might have missed something, but this is pretty much the routine every day and week. By the way, I do the "warrior" appraoch as well: I only eat my salad about 4pm and then meat with veg about 7-8pm. Nuts or chocolate about 9-10pm if I am still hungry.