Saturday, 6 February 2010

Lose weight and make money the Paleo way

This guy is a genius, I mean Winton Rossiter, a financial analyst who is in business to pay people in the UK to lose weight:

The scheme actually started a while ago as a pilot and now is to be extended:

As a financial analyst he must have done his Crystal Ball modelling and might be getting the money both from the patients and the NHS (taxpayers). The patients stand to get rewards for achieving target weight loss, but they have to invest their own cash. The balance at the end of the year can actually be positive for the patient, but only is the target is reached. Now, this is being done with the NHS, so the official nutritional guidelines have to be observed. They most likely don't monitor what people are actually eating, but they do send information packs with recommendations. Weight Wins (or rather Accelerated Concepts Ltd) knows that high carbs are not going to be successful in most people, so they will be quids in.

So what? The good news is that if you can, you may want to try to take advantage of the scheme and lose weight the sustainable Paleo way. You will have to invest a bit, but if you are considerably overweight, you can earn several hundred. Of course, you would also earn better health and save the NHS money in the future!

It appears that this has been already done in America. I wonder what kinds of diets were used and how successful it was short and long term.

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