Sunday, 17 January 2010

Progress update

Just a quick update on my N=1 experiment. The weight has been staying constant for about a month now. I is quite likely that this 90kg is what my ideal weight should be (more then the upper BMI bracket of 83kg though). I have been slimming down though, another inch, which means a bit more muscle. Two more inches waist circumference and I will have no abdominal fat left. But this is not necessarily the best and I do plan to increase carbs a little bit. Now thy are most likely under 60g/day.

But I am still burning my own fat, so still trying to limit fat in my diet. I was tempted to try dairy after a long break. The choice was organic double cream (50% fat). I ate more than 100g of if (whipped) for two days in the row. The result: respiratory mucus and metallic strange taste in my mouth. The latter probably having to do with increased ketones in my blood.

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