Monday, 7 December 2009

Post water fast follow-up

Just for the record: I has been three weeks since I stopped my 10-day water fast. As I wrote before, I think it was not necessary, but an interesting experience nevertheless.

The weight before fasting was 97.5kg. After 10 days it dropped to 92kg and on day 11 there was a further drop to 91kg. As I was eating this went up to 95 within a week and then stared to go down again, very slowly over two weeks to 92kg. I attibute the post-fasting gain to filling of the gut (juices, food), replenishing glycogen in the liver and muscles and also structural muscle gain. What is interesting, fat has been disappearing all along, even when I was gaining weight. I do not exercise a lot: about 30 min/day which is either some running involving sprinting, free weights, push-ups or planks; walking for 60min to town also counts as daily exersise. Paleo is definitely the way to go.

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