Wednesday, 11 November 2009

On farinaceous diet

A quote from William Harvey, a 17th-century English physician, author of The Circulation Of The Blood:

"It had long been well-known that a purely animal diet greatly assisted in checking the secretion of diabetic urine," (...) "and it seemed to follow, as a matter of course, that the total abstinence from saccharine and farinaceous matter must drain the liver of this excess amount of glucose, and thus arrest in a similar proportion the diabetic tendency. Reflecting on this chain of argument, and knowing too that a saccharine and farinaceous diet is used to fatten certain animals, and that in diabetes the whole of the fat of the body rapidly disappears, it occurred to me that excessive obesity might be allied to diabetes as to its cause, and that if a purely animal diet was useful in the latter disease, a combination of animal food with such vegetable matters as contained neither sugar nor starch, might serve to arrest this undue formation of fat."

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